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CertainTeed ®


metric starter shingle


start off on the right shingle

CertainTeed ® SwiftStart® metric starter shingle is designed specifically for use with CertainTeed Landmark Series shingles. Ratheer than cutting expensive field shingles to use as starters, you can save time and money by starting with Swiftstart.

  • Reduced installation time, so jobs are finished faster
  • Required for use to obtain enhanced warraties
  • Code-compliant, meets min. 2'' headlap requirement for metric shingles
  • Precision sealant for proper sealing at the eaves
  • Work with all metric shingles that are similar to Landmark

winterguard® roofing underlayment the ultimate protection

This video shows how CertainTeed’s WinterGuard® underlayment is applied as part of the roofing system, helping homeowners better understand its protective value as well as the process of preparing for subsequent stages of installation.


ROOFRUNNER™ Lightweight Synthetic Underlayment

RoofRunner™ lightweight synthetic polymer-based underlayment outperforms felt and outclasses other synthetics. Designed for use on roof decks as a water-resistant layer beneath asphalt roofing shingles, this scrim-reinforced underlayment includes a special top surface treatment that provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet.